Making a History Teacher's Life Easier with Pre-made History PowerPoints

Published: 11th June 2010
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Pre-made history PowerPoint lessons are an option for teachers who either do not have the time to prepare history lesson plans from scratch or who are not comfortable in using educational technology to prepare history lesson plans from scratch.

Pre-made history PowerPoints can be found and downloaded online and then reviewed, edited and customized to suit the needs of individual lesson plans.

In this digital age, there are pre-made PowerPoints available for almost every lesson, from U.S. History lesson plans to World History lesson plans. There are Revolutionary War lesson plans, American Revolution lesson plans, even Cold War lesson plans. History lesson plans can also be downloaded from websites and pertinent information, for example on the rights of women during a particular period or working conditions of the day, can be added into the lesson plans.

These pre-made history PowerPoints can really be an aid to teachers because they are quick to prepare, since much of the research work is already done, and the teacher doesn't have to build the slide show. They can also make the history teacher's life easier as they provide an outline for the history lesson, essentially giving a teacher a pre-made guide for their lesson plan. They can also be stored electronically by teachers and passed on to students in the same format or printed out and circulated in paper format during lessons.

Professionally made PowerPoints for teachers offer many other benefits. They can be re-used every year, giving teachers a lot of mileage from a single purchase. And, given the hours it would take a teacher to produce the same materials, the prices are reasonable.

It's like having a "classroom in a box" with PowerPoints that include lessons, crossword puzzles, exams and everything you need to teach. They're very flexible, as they can be used in many ways in the classroom, for instance, as an opening activity, in the middle of a unit, or for review. Most teachers find them easy to navigate, as they are organized with a hyperlinked table of contents.

Teachers should know that they don't actually need PowerPoint loaded on a computer if they buy these materials in DVD form. The DVD can be played on any computer or and even a DVD player with remote control.

These classroom materials can hold the attention of today's media-savvy students with multimedia capabilities that include audio and video. They also use primary source documents whenever possible, allowing students to experience firsthand important historical moments.

Besides being able to hold the attention of students, they are linked to national history standards and major state standards, which helps with state test prep, and can improve students' state test scores.

Overall, PowerPoints offer great value to students and teachers at reasonable costs.

Written by Muireann Prendergast. MultiMedia Learning LLC provides World history PowerPoints, as well as history classroom games, and U.S. History PowerPoints. Learn more at

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