Teaching The Great Depression Using PowerPoint

Published: 15th September 2010
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Teaching the Great Depression is a challenge for U.S. history teachers across the country. These days, with students spending a lot of their free time surfing the web, using smart phones and playing video games, it can de difficult to explain in classrooms the extent of the economic decline that happened in the U.S. and worldwide from 1929 until the 1940s, and what its consequences were.

But for teachers looking for something different in their lesson plans and teaching tools to help modern students relate to what may seem like ancient history, modern technology is on hand to help. Professionally made PowerPoint presentations are among the most interesting and useful modern teaching tools available. Information is presented in a slide show format that is easy for teachers to use and customize.

These pre-made PowerPoints are easily accessible and can be downloaded directly from the internet and delivered to schools and homes in CD and DVD format. They can be used again and again and can be edited to fit the needs of students of various grade levels. The slides can be deleted, changed and customized even by teachers who are not technologically inclined.

One of the most popular advantages of professional PowerPoints is that they make use of primary sources where possible using photos, documents and diaries of the time. Students can even hear important speeches given during the Great Depression with a selection of audio clips. These materials help to make history much more real for students.

If U.S. history teachers are looking to expand on their lesson plans with fun activities, they can also purchase prepared history classroom games, with role plays and crossword puzzles. These can also be downloaded easily from the web. History games not only function as entertaining teaching tools but also encourage interaction between students and teachers in the classroom.

Beyond being fun, these classroom games and PowerPoints are all standards based, and because of this can help with studies for state tests, and even improve students' state test scores.

The combination of PowerPoint lesson plans and classroom games can provide teachers with a virtual "classroom in a box" allowing them to focus on teaching rather than preparation.

History teachers get a lot of value out of these materials, as they can be used in multiple classrooms over several years. 

Professionally made PowerPoint presentations and classroom games are a great option for teaching the Depression Era and U.S. history and are available at very reasonable prices. 

Written by Muireann Prendergast. MultiMedia Learning LLC provides World history PowerPoints, as well as history classroom games, and U.S. History PowerPoints. The Great Depression PowerPoints, The New Deal PowerPoints and 1930ís PowerPoints are also available. Learn more at http://www.multimedialearning.org.

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