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Published: 11th June 2010
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World history lesson plans can be more challenging to formulate than U.S. history lesson plans, as it is difficult to establish parameters of what should be included in the lesson and what should not. However, with careful organization and attention to detail, an exciting and innovative teaching framework can be achieved.

The following four part breakdown of world history is most useful for the formulation of lesson plans: Ancient Civilizations, Middle Ages/Renaissance, World War I and World War II. Afterwards, the most important events of post war decades from the 1960s to the 1980s can be touched upon in lessons.

Each teacher needs to decide individually what to do with milestones of national historic importance. Will the American Civil War, Reconstruction and Slavery period be mentioned in passing or will these issues be left to another module with completely separate history lesson plans? This needs to be decided upon and explained to students at the start of the course.

Also, will elements of Social Studies lesson plans be introduced? Activities which encourage students to think about the living conditions of the historic period under discussion can bring them to life for students.

World history lesson plans can benefit enormously from the educational technology now available. New media software has been developed for use in the classroom that enables students to walk through ancient Rome, experience the rise and fall of the Berlin War and watch the battles of the Korean War first hand. The only drawback with such educational technology it is still quite costly for schools to introduce on a widespread basis during lessons.

Of the cost-effective software available for incorporation into world history lesson plans, a set of history PowerPoints is most impressive. This offers teachers the opportunity to present subject matter in a slide-show, linear format. With a little imagination on the teacher's part this can be very stimulating for students. Images and charts in various forms and colors can be introduced. Even sound can be added during lessons. One of the biggest advantages of history PowerPoints is that the format can be changed over time while the basic informative content of the history lesson plan is retained.

However, PowerPoints needs to be used correctly for them to be an effective educational tool during lessons. It is important that teachers do not pay so much attention to the PowerPoints that they forget to communicate directly with students. It is also crucial that PowerPoints be prepared correctly and that they are neither overloaded with details nor reduced to a host of slides with little text that doesn't explain enough.

World history lesson plans are a challenge to formulate. There is a host of information and events to choose from. There are however many educational software tools on offer which, when used correctly, can transform history lessons from boring into brilliant.

Luckily, teachers can purchase professionally made PowerPoint lesson plans. These are available internet download, or can be delivered to your home or school in CD and DVD format. They can be re-used every year, giving teachers a lot of mileage from a single purchase. Also, given the hours it would take a teacher to produce the same materials, the prices are low. It's like having a "classroom in a box" with PowerPoints that include lessons, crossword puzzles, exams and everything you need to teach. Teachers don't actually need PowerPoint loaded on a computer if they buy these materials in DVD form. The DVD can be played on any computer or and even a DVD player with remote control.

Professionally made PowerPoints can hold the attention of today's media-savvy students with multimedia capabilities that include audio and video. They also use primary source documents whenever possible, allowing students to view firsthand important historical pieces including speeches, videos and audio clips.
Besides being able to hold the attention of students, they are linked to national history standards and major state standards, which helps with state test prep, and can improve students' state test scores.

Overall, professionally made PowerPoints are a great option for teachers, at very reasonable prices.

Written by Muireann Prendergast. MultiMedia Learning LLC provides World history PowerPoints, as well as history classroom games, and U.S. History PowerPoints. Learn more at

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